My name is Sandra Ilievski and I am founder of Urban Pet, centre for education of dog owners, canine behavior and training. The centre was established with the aim of providing education in the field of dog behavior and training.

I believe that every dog and every owner are unique in terms of personality, character, needs, abilities and habits. Therefore, I provide a special and unique approach to each owner and his pet. Dogs are very intelligent, sentient animals. They have their likes and dislikes which they can show through, for us humans, a complex way of communicating. Although we shouldn’t attribute human traits to dogs, anthropomorphize them, dogs are in many ways very similar to us, and we can learn a lot from them.

Our human rules and expectations are often too demanding and can be incomprehensible for dogs; many dog owners do not know how to interpret the meaning of dogs’ behavior which often leads to problems due to mutual misunderstanding. This also can undermine the relationship and the bond between dogs and their owners. Relationship, bond, mutual trust and understanding are the basis for pleasant and harmonious coexistence, as well as for any serious work with dogs.

While on this site I write mostly about dogs, their behavior, habits, behavioral problems and training, my job actually involves working with people – teaching owners how to teach their dogs and how to understand them better. In addition to working with animals and dogs, working with people and teaching have always been my passion.

I offer various educational programs that are are geared toward the wants and needs of the owners as well as to the welfare, quality and respect for the biological needs specific to dogs as a species. Programs include both theoretical as well as practical classes, consultation, lectures, seminars, group and individual courses.

Class starting dates are regularly published on this website and on Urban Pet Facebook page.

Urban Pet is open for cooperation with all those who are actively engaged in animals, whether they are associations or individuals. On several occasions, the center has already collaborated with other institutions with similar interests, as well as with experts in the field of working with animals. If you have any suggestions for cooperation regarding working with dogs and dog behavior, either in theory or in practice, and if you believe that such cooperation could contribute to the advancement of your work and/or the work of your organization, please feel free to contact me.

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