Puppy socialisation

Early and adequate socialization as well as learning the basics manners are very important for future emotional and psychological development of dogs. Owners should allow their puppies to gradually explore the environment, gaining positive experiences, develop communication skills and build self-confidence. The program provides puppy owners with the opportunity to learn how to introduce puppy to new situations, how dogs communicate, which behaviors are innate and normal, how to recognize when dogs are not comfortable or when something is too demanding for them. You will learn how to teach your puppy self control,  as well as how to teach your puppy manners that are necessary in everyday situations.

I use methods based on encouragement and do not use any form of coercion. The aim is to teach the owners how to encourage puppy to cooperate, rather then to just execute commands.


  • importance of socialization
  • house training
  • how to prevent problems associated with biting and chewing
  • how to teach puppy to stay alone at home
  • activities with the puppy (the duration of the walk, games, play)
  • what kind of equipment to use for walks
  • handling and care of puppies and dogs
  • what kind of toys to choose
  • dog behavior and how dogs learn


  • socialising with other puppies, dogs and people
  • introducing puppy to different sounds, objects, environments
  • touching and handling (veterinary examination, care, grooming)
  • building attention to the owner, teaching puppies their name (the name game)
  • how to prevent jumping on people
  • sit
  • down
  • stay
  • come
  • walking on loose leash
  • drop it/leave it

8-16 weaks of age

Five weeks. First class is theory, and is attended without dogs, then ten practical lessons (twice a week).

Theory class is attended without dogs!

700,00 kn

Vaccination proof (at least two) from your veterinarian. Dogs must be dewormed and free from external parasites (ticks, fleas).

For more information, please feel free to contact me on info@urbanpet.hr.


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