Puppy set up

Program designed for owners of puppies that have not yet received all the vaccines and for those owners who want to work on the program in their own home.

Puppy socialisation is extremely important for future emotional and psychological development of your dog. What will your dog be like when he grows up, how he will behave and accept the world around him, greatly depends on an early and proper socialization.

3 hours – one home visit, after which it is possible to arrange additional individual lessons.


  • how to teach your puppy not to bite and not to jump on people
  • how to teach your puppy getting used to different stimuli, objects, sounds, collar, harness and leash
  • how to teach your puppy house rules, toilet training, food bowl manners…
  • how to play with your puppy, how to teach simple behaviors through play (sit-come-leave it…)

350,00 kn (50 €)

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