My name is Sandra Ilievski and I am founder of Urban Pet. The centre was established with the aim of providing education in the field of dog behavior and training.

Due to the fact that our human rules and expectations are often too demanding and incomprehensible for dogs, and due to the fact that many owners do not know how to interpret the meaning of dog behavior, communication problems arise that can damage the interpersonal relationship and connection between dogs and their owners. Relationship, connection, mutual trust and understanding are the basis of a pleasant coexistence and any serious work with dogs!

I believe that every dog and every owner are unique in terms of personality, nature, needs, possibilities and habits. Therefore I work with owners and their dogs individually (instructor + owner + dog*), which enables a special and unique approach.

Individual program is very useful for both the dog and the caretaker for several reasons:

  • FLEXIBILITY: for many, due to life conditions (e.g. shift work, lack of car, health, etc.), the individual program is an excellent choice because the program takes place on agreed days, at an agreed time and at an agreed place.
  • MORE RELIABLE AND FASTER RESULTS**: I am dedicated only to you and your dog, the dog can concentrate better in a calm and familiar environment, so in this way we create the foundations for later gradual introduction of distractions (eg working with one or two other dogs in the group).

The individual program begins with consulting, after which the program is created according to the individual needs and capabilities of the dog and the guardian.

Although on these pages I write about dogs, their behavior, behavior problems, habits, upbringing and training, my job actually involves more around working with people – teaching owners how to teach their dogs and how to understand them better.

The education includes theory and practice and is focused both on the wishes and needs of the owner, as well as on the well-being, quality and respect for the biological needs specific to dogs as a species.

I live and work in Zagreb. If you are not from Zagreb, the consulting can be arranged via Skype.

* other family members can attend individual training
** you are expected to be consistent and follow the given instructions. Without it, the results may be missing or incomplete!

ImportantPlease take into account that, if you have a dog with behavioral problems, I cannot and will not give you advice via e-mail or over the phone. No professional  will give advice and guidance over the phone or e-mail, especially if it is a more serious problem. This is not fair or responsible to you or the dog and you should avoid those who offer this to you. Animal behavior is complex, and in order to have real insight into the reasons and triggers of certain behaviors, it is necessary to observe the animal itself, the way you treat it, the way you react at a certain moment, and the environment in which the animal resides. Also, owners interpret differently what is said to them via phone conversation or in writing, they don’t know exactly when to do what and at what moment, and correct timing is extremely important. Wrong timing can result in even worse behavior or no change at all, after which owners usually conclude that the advised technique is not working. In addition to all of the above, the average owner in the vast majority of cases, out of ignorance, misinterprets certain behaviors and the reasons behind those behaviors.

The first step to help resolve problematic behaviors is  consulting.

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